Latin Pronunciation

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    Speaking the Vulgate: John 1:1-7

    Salvete Omnes! So it’s late, and I’ve been over-critiquing my pronunciation ad nauseam…so here it is, ready (or not) because I’m going to bed and entering Weekendville. I hope this is helpful in distinguishing between the two major pronunciation styles.  My aim is to be articulate but fluid, giving the Latin a natural cadence that makes memorizing it a little easier. I will add some notes later when I have the time… Ecclesiastical Pronunciation Classical Pronunciation NB: Please feel free to download your own copy and share the link with others who may find it useful.  I only ask that you do not repost or publish my files elsewhere.  Thanks!!

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    Latin’s Grandmother Tongue

    Making headlines today in the field of linguistics is this fascinating approximation of what Proto-Indo-European (PIE) might have sounded like.  Of course, there’s really no way to verify its authenticity (as all of the native speakers of PIE are long gone), but it does offer an interesting glimpse into some of the phonetic influences that may have eventually descended into Latin. Is This How Our Ancestors Sounded? Linguist Recreates Proto-Indo-European Language (AUDIO)