Meet Magistra Reed

A Short Biography

Magistra Angela Reed has been a student of lingua Latina and classical civilization for twenty-five years. Her road to Rome began in high school when she took her first Latin class and joined the Latin club—leading to several years’ enthusiastic participation in the Florida Junior Classical League. She served the FJCL in local and state leadership and competed in various events at regional and state fora. Her creative accomplishments included designing and modeling a costume for Pandora, tragic opener of forbidden boxes; performing a dramatic interpretation in Latinē of the sorrowful tale of Daedalus & Icarus; and writing a short story inspired by the myth of Daphne & Apollo 🌿

In college, she furthered her classical pursuits. She took courses in Koine and ancient Greek, linguistics, and English and Latin literature, adding an education minor to prepare for teacher certification. She was inducted into Eta Sigma Phi, the national classical honor society, and represented her chapter at national conventions held in Monmouth, Illinois and San Diego, California. She also spent a summer studying abroad in Rome, touring all the famous sites in la città eterna and eating her way across Italy and Greece 😋

After completing her B.A. in Classics in 2002, Angela continued on to the Graduate School at the University of Florida, teaching undergraduate courses in Latin, reading the classical canon, and growing especially fond of Cicero, whose vivid oratorical style and political theater became the subject of her Master’s thesis. She earned an M.A. in Latin in 2007 and maintains her Florida Professional Educator Certificate in Latin K-12 and English 6-12—teaching and tutoring Latin to this day 🏛

Of course, this is only the academic story. There were many adventures of real life unfolding in these years: falling in love, getting married, making a home, traveling the world, and having children—now five of them! When she embraced the philosophy of Charlotte Mason for homeschooling her children, it was only a matter of time before she wanted to apply Miss Mason’s ideas to Latin teaching. She has spent the last few years researching this topic and, in recent years, implementing her research in the classroom. And this is where you find her now: joyfully teaching her students online and offering support and encouragement to parents who desire to introduce their children to Latin 💜