Take Latin with Me

While there are many options available for studying Latin at home, this course offers something new and unique:

A beginning Latin experience tailored specifically for the Charlotte Mason homeschool.

What Does this Look Like?

We approach Latin as a living language, engaging all the senses through reading, writing, hearing, reciting, play-acting, and narrating—to discover how it works.

We cultivate intellectual habits through active, oral lessons and meaningful, short assignments—reinforcing learning while respecting student time. 

We keep a Latin notebook as a personal resource and record of learning.

We meet twice a week for three 12-week terms, with a Mason-style exam concluding each.

Classes run from August to May, with several holiday breaks.

In “Living Introduction to Latin,” I invite students to wade into the deep springs of classical study and explore with pleasure. We pursue Latin relationally, as Mason’s students did—deepening our understanding of language as a whole before focusing on grammatical details. We learn basic grammar and vocabulary, discover English derivatives from Latin roots, and acquire a classical pronunciation—while reading Latin from the start! But more than this, our study transports students through an ancient gateway, initiating an immense number of interests and developing the “historic sense”:

“…culture begins with the knowledge that everything has been known and everything has been perfectly said these two thousand years ago and more. This knowledge, slowly drummed into a youth, should keep him from swelled head, from joining in the ‘We are the people’ cry of the blatant patriot; and there is no better way of knowing a people than to know something of their own words in their own speech”

Charlotte Mason (V. 6, p. 309)

Through live lessons and assignments, I give supportive feedback on each student’s progress, encouraging active participation and diligent effort—investments that prepare each student to succeed and ENJOY Latin.

Interested? Here Are the Course Details:

WHAT: An introductory Latin course inspired by the philosophy of Charlotte Mason and modeled on living methods applied to Latin study in the PNEU schools.

WHO: Middle-grade students (5th-9th), who have had at least a year of formal grammar study

WHEN: Classes begin August 12th and run until May 21st, Live lessons held on Tuesdays & Thursdays, from 2:30-3:30 EST.

WHERE: Live lessons via web conference on Zoom. Course calendar, syllabus, discussions and short assignments hosted in a private forum on Canvas. 

COST: $600 for the year-long course (three terms, May-Aug.), payable in full or in three installments of $200/term


More questions? Please check out the FAQs Page (coming soon!)