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THE DETAILS: Please click on the options below to learn more before making your final choice. To complete registration, you will need to add a Registration Deposit and a payment plan to your cart before proceeding to checkout. At checkout, you will be shown the TOTAL amount to be paid to Living Latin Lessons, whether in full or by installment. While you do not have to pay in full today, you do need to confirm your payment method. PLEASE NOTE: Installment plan participants must elect to pay by mail or Venmo; all others may opt to pay online if preferred (processing fees apply and are non-refundable).

The registration deposit ($150), once received, secures your seat. I will confirm receipt of your mailed payment by email. Tuition in full ($600) or first installment ($200) must be paid or postmarked by June 15th, 2024. For Charter students, funds must be requested promptly in order to pay the registration deposit—though it may be necessary to send a personal check in order to secure your seat.

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