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General Registration for New Students

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This course requires a basic knowledge of English grammar. Has your student had at least a year of formal lessons in grammar? *
Has your student ever taken Latin before? *
This year, students can choose a class option that suits their schedule and personal preference. The LIVE class meets at a set time each week and requires regular attendance and group participation. The SHADOW class follows the live class recordings and offers more flexibility and independence. *Both class options provide a guided experience through beginning Latin, with teacher oversight and feedback. Which option do you prefer? *
Living Latin Lessons are designed to provide a Charlotte Mason approach to beginning Latin. The emphasis in our live lessons is on oral/aural practice and reading for understanding—therefore, regular attendance and active participation are critical. Shadow class students should engage with their lesson viewing time consistently and with all senses attending, just as live students do. In between classes, all students are asked to complete short assignments (“prepwork”) of 20-30 minutes’ length, which may include maintaining a Latin notebook, reading and/or illustrating Latin passages, writing a Latin narration, collaborating with classmates, or completing a quiz. *By checking the box below, you agree to assist your child in establishing and maintaining a timetable for prepwork and weekly lessons (whether live or shadow), to ensure that fruitful habits are put in place. *
All registration and tuition payments will be handled by mail. What is your preferred payment plan? *