• Angela

      Hi Phyllis! This one came to my attention only recently…I’m wanting to get my hands on a copy, because the premise looks like a good fit w/CM. I’d love to begin with my boys using a conversational method, as it’s the method with which I have the least experience, but I believe would lay a strong foundation for later study. Could you reference the publisher in another comment here? I’ve not had any luck locating it yet!

  1. Beth Smoak

    Hi Angela,
    I recently heard you on Brandy Vencel’s Schole Sisters podcast. I have used a more traditional approach with my two older kids, and they are in the 4th year of Memoria Press’s 4th Form Latin. It has worked well with them and me because that’s how I like to learn a language. However for my two younger children coming behind, I’d like to try something a little different (especially now that I’m more familiar with how Latin is set up as I’ve been learning it alongside my older two). You recommended Minimus Latin (they are ages 9 and 11 but the 11 y.o. has learning disabilities and works a few grade levels below her age level). I had a few questions about it and was wondering if you could help. Can I just order the teacher’s guide and work from that with both of them or do I need a student text as well. Together the books are a little more expensive so just wanted to be sure before I put in more money than I needed to. About how long does Book 1 take?

    Thanks so much! Your talk with Brandy was just wonderful and so informative!

    • Hi Beth! Thank you for stopping by! I’ve been on break from my Latin project this past month, so I apologize for my delay in getting back to you. How great that you have been able to progress with the MP series. I know that that approach can work very well for certain learners. It will be such a helpful background for you as you begin to approach the language in a new way with your younger children. It sounds like you could potentially work through Minimus with your younger two together. The program can be introduced as early as nine, and seems to work best for students who are reading and are beginning/have begun a grammar lessons in English.

      I am not sure if the Teacher’s manual contains all that you need, but it’s possible that it might. It does contain additional resources and activities along with the answer key to provide more practice with the concepts. Your background is a strength here, and you should be able to structure the lesson plans however you see fit. The student texts are inexpensive via Amazon, so you could easily add them in as you determine your need—and they have lots of reading sections, so they are nice for the student to hold in hand for reading practice and study. Minimus’ approach is not exclusively oral, so having an attractive, inviting text for the student’s personal use is part of how the program is designed.

      The first book has 12 chapters, which I break up into 3-4 short lessons. I think most students could work through it in 1 year, perhaps a year and a half if needed. Maybe one day I’ll find the time to type up my own lessons plans for a CM homeschool, but alas, LIFE calls! 😉

      Thank you again for your kind words, Beth! Do let me know if there’s anything else I can suggest. And do check back here….I hope to be publishing more resources for parents here soon.
      Carpe diem,

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