CM in Gainesville

A Charlotte Mason Co-op in Gainesville, FL

For families desiring to learn and practice Charlotte Mason’s educational methods in community.

Our “Golden Hours” meetings are for joyful learning through a variety of short lessons and living experiences that complement a liberal arts education. Mason’s teaching methods are modeled during lesson time so that parents can better implement the methods at home. As our community grows, parents share in subgroup teaching duties according to interest and ability. To this end, we ask that subgroup parents agree to participate in our monthly Charlotte Mason Reading Club.    

*The CM Reading Club follows a guided study of readings through Mason’s volumes. Our monthly meet-ups are casual and engaging, spurring practical and philosophical discussion about how to homeschool the Charlotte Mason way. Our group is open to anyone in the community and meets on the second Monday night of the month (Sept.-May).

The annual fee per family is $25, plus a love offering for our hosting church. Childcare will be based upon enrollment.