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    2010 Academic Study Guides

    Here they are, discipuli…remember: 50% of your test questions at Regionals and State will come from the study guide particular to your test area.  And any time you invest now will pay dividends for State selections–I am looking very closely at how you do at Regionals to choose those students who will commit the time and energy to prepping for their State events.  Study now, reap the rewards; slack now, and you might just miss the boat to Orlando! If you forgot which tests you are signed up for, the list is here: RegionalsRegistration-2010 Study Guides: Roman Life/Customs History of the Empire Geography Grammar I-II Greek Derivatives Greek Literature Hellenic…

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    Study Strategies

    Salvete!  The NJCL website recently underwent a major remodeling, so I have now updated and expanded the “Academic Test Links” at left.  Please download some past years’ tests…you will encounter many of these names, dates, places, etc. when you sit down to take your test at State. **Strategy #1: study the wrong answers too! Consider the following myth question: 1.  The three headed dog in the Underworld who guarded the Gates to Erebus was? a.  Sirius     b.  Cerberus    c.  Argus     d.  Celaeno Most of you know that CERBERUS is the correct answer.  BUT, how many of you could tell me who CELAENO is?  How many of you know the myth…

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    Study Guides: Woo-hoo!

    Just released: Regional test study guides.  Not all subjects have a study guide yet, but if you are signed up for one of the tests below, please download a guide to prep yourself!  HALF of your questions will come from this guide!  (Pentathlon students: you could be tested on ANY of this material!) RomanLife/Customs Mythology Mottos and Abbreviations Vocabulary 1 Vocabulary 2 History of the Republic History of the Empire Derivatives GreekDerivatives