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Put simply, Charlotte Mason’s philosophy can be summarized in this way: “Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.”  This is truly a beautiful ideal, but how does one begin to embrace this style of education in practice? Mason offers a feast of wisdom in her six volumes on education, but implementing her ideas is a process involving time and study.  If you have ever desired a Charlotte Mason education for your children, or would simply like to learn more about Mason’s philosophy and methods, you do not have to figure it out alone!

Community Christian Homeschoolers (CCH), a homeschool support group in Alachua County, is offering two opportunities this fall for local homeschooling families to learn about the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education:

~ For parents interested in learning more about a Charlotte Mason education, I will be hosting a CM Book Study group meeting on the second Monday of the month from 7-9pm, beginning Sept 12th.  The CM Book Study is a monthly parent meet-up for discussing Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophy and methods through assigned reading of a selected book…cozied up with tea, of course! Our first read is a lovely introduction and overview of Charlotte Mason’s philosophy: For the Children’s Sake, by Susan Schaeffer Macauley…available here.

~ For parents wishing to dive into practicing Charlotte Mason’s methods in a learning community, CCH will be launching a Charlotte Mason subgroup for 2016-2017. This subgroup will be geared toward families with elementary-age students and will meet twice a month to “spread a feast” for the children, consisting of hymns, folksongs, works of artists and composers, Shakespeare, poetry, recitation, handicrafts, dry brush & nature study. (*Membership in CCH and parent participation in the monthly CM Book Study is required of subgroup members.)

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  • Natalie Renick

    Angela, could you email the info about Mason and her books to my daughter-in-law? Those are the grandkids I’m helping with Latin, now using First Form Latin through their coop.

    • Angela

      Hi Mrs. Renick!! I’d be happy to do that! How about you send me her email address on Facebook? Or, I can share my post to your timeline?

      • Linda Renick

        Just found this amidst all my messages. I don’t know if I ever followed through!! My daughter-in-law’s email is I hope you are doing well in all your endeavors and with all your kiddos! Love you!

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