2010 Academic Study Guides

Here they are, discipuli…remember: 50% of your test questions at Regionals and State will come from the study guide particular to your test area.  And any time you invest now will pay dividends for State selections–I am looking very closely at how you do at Regionals to choose those students who will commit the time and energy to prepping for their State events.  Study now, reap the rewards; slack now, and you might just miss the boat to Orlando!

If you forgot which tests you are signed up for, the list is here:


Study Guides:

Roman Life/Customs

History of the Empire


Grammar I-II

Greek Derivatives

Greek Literature

Hellenic History

Latin Literature



History of the Monarchy/Republic

Vocab and Derivatives I

Vocab and Derivatives II

Classical Art

Pentathlon (Level  1/2 and I)
This test will consist of questions on Latin grammar, vocabulary and derivatives, mythology, Roman history, and Roman customs.

Heptathlon (Levels II and Advanced)
This test will consist of questions on Latin grammar; vocabulary; derivatives; mythology; Roman history; Roman customs; and mottoes and abbreviations, phrases, and quotations.