Study Strategies

Salvete!  The NJCL website recently underwent a major remodeling, so I have now updated and expanded the “Academic Test Links” at left.  Please download some past years’ tests…you will encounter many of these names, dates, places, etc. when you sit down to take your test at State.

**Strategy #1: study the wrong answers too!

Consider the following myth question:

1.  The three headed dog in the Underworld who guarded the Gates to Erebus was?
a.  Sirius     b.  Cerberus    c.  Argus     d.  Celaeno

Most of you know that CERBERUS is the correct answer.  BUT, how many of you could tell me who CELAENO is?  How many of you know the myth related to ARGUS?  In other words, you can use the incorrect answers as a guide for additional study…use Google to find online mythology dictionaries that will help you learn about these characters.

More to come!